MeRLIN - Strategic Sourcing Solution for Automotive Industry

Mitigate Automotive Supply Chain Risks with the Best Procurement Solution

How can MeRLIN help fine-tune your Automotive Sourcing Strategy?

With sourced parts and components constituting a major part in the manufacturing process, the Automotive Industry relies heavily on supply chains and has complex procurement needs. Intense competition and increasing expectations from customers compel automotive manufacturers and suppliers to innovate constantly. This helps to manufacture products at scale while also keeping a check on costs & risks, while improving performance. MeRLIN provides powerful capabilities to address the complex sourcing needs of the automotive industry.

Optimize your Direct Spend

Improve sourcing efficiency and profitability through automation and planning using advanced analytics with BoM level visibility

Build Strategic Supplier Relationships

Improve collaboration with suppliers and convert them to strategic partners

Reduce Risks

Monitor and mitigate supply risks based on data driven insights on supplier performance, delivery time, etc.


Features of MeRLIN - The Best Sourcing and Procurement Software for Automobile Industry

Innovative and comprehensive features designed to meet direct sourcing needs of automotive manufacturers and suppliers that help source quality parts and also reduce the time to market significantly.

Get Complete Visibilty of Procurement Activites and Build Solid E-Sourcing Strategies


Enhance your Purchasing Power with Strategic Sourcing Best Practices


Improve Decision Making with Advanced Sourcing and Procurement Analytics




Uncover meaningful insights from your sourcing data and trends that translates to new opportunities for savings and growth.

MeRLIN Strategic Sourcing Solution Factsheet