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Strategic Sourcing Redefined with Project Management Prowess

How can MeRLIN help you build a Project Management strategy for Procurement?

The Strategic Project Management module serves as a central business process that seamlessly integrates various functions like Supplier Onboarding, Sourcing, and Risk Management into a unified strategic goal. This facilitates the consolidation and comprehensive tracking of progress in strategy execution.

MeRLIN’s Strategic Project Management (SPM) helps to set up cross functional strategic initiatives like consolidation/rationalization of suppliers, savings across teams or business units emphasizing collaborative strategy execution and stakeholder visibility within the MeRLIN framework.

Strategy Definition

Define Strategic Objectives & Goals

Strategy Execution

Establish and execute strategies

Stakeholder Access

Enable access to non-procurement stakeholders

Track Collaboration

Capture and report collaboration

Report Progress

Provide status to all stakeholders


MeRLIN's Strategic Project Management

MeRLIN's Strategic Project Management (SPM) empowers companies to align projects with overall efficiency and strategic objectives, extending beyond category strategy to enhance procurement efficiency and drive strategic transformation.


Features of MeRLIN’s Strategic Project Management

Enable Sourcing Strategy Execution by Creating, Managing and Reviewing Projects with Multiple Stakeholders

Strategy Definition

Define Strategic objectives, review them and get them agreed upon

Define Success Measures

Set success criteria and measure the rate of achievement

Strategic Project Execution

Execute Tasks & Transactions in MeRLIN

Define Roles

Assign roles and responsibilities to stakeholders to achieve the strategic objectives with the specified timelines.

Project Insights

Review the strategic objectives status and the progress made real time.



Uncover meaningful insights from your sourcing data and trends that translates to new opportunities for savings and growth.

MeRLIN Strategic Sourcing Solution Factsheet