Procurement Digitization with MeRLIN

Achieve Speed and Transparency in Procurement

MeRLIN is a comprehensive Source to Procure Solution that allows for complete automation of your Strategic Sourcing activities to streamline procurement processes and bring more visibility and transparency by leveraging real-time data and advanced analytics tools.

Streamline and Expedite Procurement Processes

End-to-end automation of sourcing activities shortens sourcing cycles

Lower Costs and Increase Procurement Value Proposition

More informed sourcing decisions and quick turn-arounds results in cost savings and higher value

Mitigate Supply Chain Risks

Enhanced visibility on sourcing needs and supply base with data-driven insights help mitigate risks and ensure uninterrupted supply

MeRLIN for Procurement Digitization

MeRLIN is a one-stop shop with robust and extremely flexible features to digitize all spend categories – Indirect Spend, Direct Spend, Service Procurement, etc.

MeRLIN Features for Procurement Digitization

Make your Sourcing function competitive, compliant and cost-effective through cutting-edge technology solutions and automated business processes. 

A Single Source of Truth

No more chaos of paperwork and spreadsheets. Create a single source of truth for all your procurement data spread across disparate sources to ensure accuracy and efficiency of your sourcing process.

Increase Savings

Increase Spend-Under-Management, view your sourcing patterns, supplier performance, payment terms, etc to identify unmanaged spend - maverick spend, rogue spend or tail spend, saving opportunities and areas of improvement.

Integrate the Enterprise

Integrate your procurement with your ERPs and PLM/PDM tools to ensure seamless data flow across your systems.

Shorten Sourcing Cycles

Reduce manual errors, improve supplier collaboration & turnaround times with response templates and end-to-end automation.

Improve Visibility

Speed up decision-making using real-time data and analytics to analyse Spend, Savings, Suppliers, Variance, Bill of Materials, etc.

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Uncover meaningful insights from your sourcing data and trends that translates to new opportunities for savings and growth.

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