MeRLIN  Contract Management ​

Never Miss a Critical Contractual Milestone

MeRLIN’s  Contract Management solution allows you to establish a centralized contract repository, manage milestones and enhance contractual compliance

Centralized Contract Repository

Manage all your contracts from a single repository

Complete Contract Lifecycle Management

Manage end-to-end contract lifecycle from a single platform

Milestone Based Alerts and Notifications

Add contractual milestones and keep track of them

MeRLIN Contract Management

MeRLIN’s Contract Management Solution provides an intuitive user interface to create, search and manage all your contracts easily and stay on top of them always. This results in increased regulatory compliance and a more efficient supplier management process

MeRLIN  Contract Management ​Features

Maximize Operational and Financial Performance with Exceptional Contract Management

Contract Repository

Get complete visibility with a centralized Contract Repository having information on all executed contracts

Alerts and Notifications

Improve compliance with alerts and notifications on key contractual milestones to all the stakeholders

Enhanced Visibility

View purchase orders of the contracts, pricelists, spend visualizations, notifications history, stakeholders and more

Simplified UI

Access your contracts and manage them easily using the intuitive user interface

Take Proactive Actions

Manage expiry and renewals more efficiently, avoid last minute decisions

Import or export

Avoid errors due to manual entry, import or export contract details

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