Best Procurement Audit Tool for In-depth Procurement Insights

Conduct Efficient Procurement Audit procedures using MeRLIN's Procurement Analytics Software

How does MeRLIN's Procurement Audit tool help Streamline Sourcing & Purchase Audit Procedures?

MeRLIN’s deep analytics capabilities allow organizations to scrutinize end-to-end procurement processes to determine the efficacy of current processes and identify opportunities for long term sustainability and efficiency.

Unparalleled Visibility

Get in-depth visibility into spends, suppliers, contracts, payment terms, etc

Deeper Insights

Gain Insights from intuitive dashboards

Clean Reports

Generate detailed reports – standard and custom


Procurement Audits with MeRLIN's Procurement Data Analytics Solution

Analyze procurement processes and generate reports to uncover areas of improvement in procurement processes for cost reduction, benchmarking contracts or improving overall operational efficiency.


MeRLIN Features For Procurement Data Analysis & Audits

Conduct Full Audit of Procurement Function - Review Internal Processes and Policies, Sourcing Plans, Supplier Management, Risk and Contracts

Supplier Analytics

Evaluate and analyze individual supplier’s performance and risk exposure across multiple performance indicators.

Business Process Efficiency Analysis

Study Business Process Efficiency to learn which of the business processes are within target expectations.

Slice and Dice Data

Summarize, slice and dice data with ability to browse sourcing data warehouse using simple drop downs.

Spend Analytics

Discover spend and savings patterns across categories, suppliers and regions.

Drill Down Analytics

Zero in on problem areas with drill-down analytics.

Reports and Dashboards

Create custom and self-service reports and dashboards and save them for future use.



Uncover meaningful insights from your sourcing data and trends that translates to new opportunities for savings and growth.

MeRLIN Strategic Sourcing Solution Factsheet