MeRLIN  Category Management   ​

Powerful, Comprehensive Category Management solution to Create, and Manage Commodity Categories to Streamline Sourcing Performance ​

Maximize your potential for better procurement decisions and real savings 

Create Categories

Create Categories as well as Category Hierarchy

Manage Strategy

Define, View and Manage Strategy

Maintain Categories

Manage Item Buyer Supplier Plant Mapping


Category and Spend Analytics

MeRLIN  Category Management   ​

MeRLIN’s Category Management Solution offers an intuitive platform to manage your categories from creation to classification and mapping of items & suppliers to commodity categories. It improves visibility and transparency across your categories and helps you take a strategic approach to your procurement management, make informed spend management decisions and thus maximize long-term value to the organization. ​​

MeRLIN Category Management Features ​

Identify emerging opportunities to cut costs, improve sustainability and lower risks

Category Strategy

Manage your category strategies from a central hub

Category Intelligence

Monitor all aspects of any particular category using various KPIs - Spend, Supplier Performance and Savings


Analyze using robust analytics across all stages of the category management lifecycle for continuous improvements

Manage Categories

Create and define your categories and manage them based on data across the ecosystem

Identify Opportunities

Tap into opportunities across your key categories and markets to proactively build smarter strategies

Webinars and Blogs

Make your supply chain smarter to Deal with Challenges & Risks

How COVID-19 will change the design planning & operation of global supply chains

Panel Discussion : Agile Procurement Practices in Dynamic Business Scenarios


Uncover meaningful insights from your sourcing data and trends that translates to new opportunities for savings and growth.