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We Connect People and Technology

Who we are and What we do?

At RheinBrücke Technology, we focus on offering innovative products to solve complex business challenges of enterprises. Our aim is to bring technological innovation and best practices to your business processes. This enables your teams to be more flexible and agile and make a difference in today’s highly competitive business environment.

Our Story

Our journey started in 2013 as an IT Consulting company based out of Continental Europe, connecting people and technology to help businesses overcome their barriers and stay ahead in a fast-paced world of opportunities. With deep expertise derived by solving business problems across 34 countries, across multiple domains including Discrete & Process Manufacturing, Automotive, Life Sciences, Engineering Projects – Procurement –Construction and Public Sector.

We started off our journey to becoming a product company after we outsourced product development for three global customers. With expertise derived by solving business problems across 34 countries, across multiple domains including Discrete & Process Manufacturing, Automotive, Life Sciences, Engineering Projects – Procurement & Construction and Public Sector, we realized the need for intuitive & innovative products to address specific business challenges that our customers were facing. 
The ideation of our Strategic Sourcing Solution, MeRLIN started in collaboration with a Fortune 1000 Automotive supplier, filling the gaps in strategic sourcing for direct material sourcing. 

MeRLIN (Material eResource Linked Information Network) is a Sourcing Solution that offers a seamlessly integrated sourcing process automation with supplier relationship management and planning functions augmented by advanced analytics functions. It plays a key role in enhancing collaboration between buyers and suppliers of materials and services offering an intuitive and easy to use platform. MeRLIN is modular, flexible, configurable and easy to deploy and is available on Microsoft Azure Cloud. It is the go-to solution for strategic sourcing needs of enterprise sourcing organizations.  

Connecting People and Technology

Our Vision

Bringing Strategic Sourcing within reach of every Buyer & become a Top 5 Sourcing Solution globally in the next 5 years.

Our Mission

To simplify, automate and infuse intelligence into the Strategic Sourcing process of large enterprises achieving measurable business benefits within the first year of implementation

Products that Automate and Infuse Intelligence into your Business Process


Enables stakeholders involved in business processes to seamlessly perform all activities by making necessary data and tools intuitively available at every step


Enables bi-directional flow of data between MeRLIN and other external systems


Provides actionable insights and suggestions during the Business process steps to improve the efficacy and success probability of the user decisions


Ability to bring all stakeholders in the business process into a common platform and enable close to real-time communication to speed up human-human interaction and capture and store all communication data in digital format

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