MeRLIN Sourcing - Strategic Sourcing Simplified

Who we are and What we do?

We connect people and technology to simplify Strategic Sourcing

MeRLIN Sourcing is headquartered in Maastricht, Netherlands and was founded in 2018. Our go-to-market industries include Automotive, Manufacturing Industries, EPC companies, Oil & Gas and Public Sector enterprises, with a focus on Continental Europe, North America and MEAI.

MeRLIN is focused on providing innovative solutions to the complex procurement challenges faced by organizations. As a strategic sourcing software company, our goal is to bring technological innovation and best practices to your sourcing and procurement processes. This allows your procurement teams to focus on strategic activities to enable them to act in a more flexible and agile manner. Our strategic sourcing solution MeRLIN helps you to flexibly configure and accelerate purchasing processes and ensure sustainable savings and compliance. MeRLIN is modular, flexible, configurable and easy to implement. It is a SaaS solution available on Microsoft Azure Cloud.

MeRLIN Sourcing - the technology for innovative procurement teams

MeRLIN Sourcing was founded in 2018 with the goal of developing a compelling technology driven solution to key strategic sourcing challenges for global enterprises. The idea was born in collaboration with a Fortune 500 automotive supplier that needed a comprehensive, fully digitized sourcing solution for their procurement team.

MeRLIN Sourcing manages complex global supplier relationships, reduces risk within the supply chain, helps you understand cost drivers to create long-term value. It enables companies to increase productivity, develop new products more easily and quickly, and respond quickly to the changing business environment and ensure compliance with legislation (CSRD – ESG- LKSG).

MeRLIN Sourcing is a source-to-procure platform. It handles all the components of a strategic sourcing suite such as supplier management, category management, sourcing project management to support strategic initiatives, contract lifecycle management, compliance and risk management, analytics and e-sourcing. It has an integration layer for third-party solutions and can be used for guided sourcing to make better sourcing decisions. It also has the procure part of P2P, as well as invoicing and credit notes. In addition to standard procurement functionality, MeRLIN offers supply management, planning, ASN integration, BOM support and more. MeRLIN offers ESG functionality to address the requirements of the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG – Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz).

Strategic Sourcing Simplified

Our Vision

Bringing Strategic Sourcing within reach of every Buyer & become one of top 10 Strategic Sourcing Solution globally

Our Mission

To simplify, automate and infuse intelligence into the Strategic Sourcing process of enterprises achieving measurable business benefits within the first year of implementation by accompanying your company in the journey of procurement digital transformation

MeRLIN – Strategic Sourcing Simplified


Analyze variables and take data driven decisions to evaluate, formulate and deploy innovative strategies for long-term success


Integrate sustainability to your supplier selection to minimizie the negative impact on the environment and society


Bring all stakeholders in the business process into a common platform and enable real-time communication


Enhance compliance across procurement processes to reduce business risks


Get actionable insights and suggestions during the business process steps to improve the efficacy and success rate of decisions


Integrate the enterprise through bi-directional flow of data between MeRLIN and other systems