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MeRLIN Ranked as Customer Leader in Spend Matters Solution Map fall 2022

Maastricht, Netherlands, November 2022 – MeRLIN, a leading Strategic Sourcing solution announced that MeRLIN Strategic Sourcing software has been ranked as a Customer Leader for Sourcing, Direct Sourcing, Contract Lifecycle Management and SXM categories in the latest Spend Matters Fall 2022 SolutionMap.

Known as the most rigorous, data- and intelligence-based assessment of procurement technology functionality in the industry, SolutionMap ranks solutions based on 500+ RFI requirements across 10 source-to-pay (S2P) module and suite categories highlighting the real capabilities of each vendor as we as customer feedback. Spend matters releases its SolutionMaps every 6 months to help businesses gain access to deeper data cuts and vendor intelligence to drive their procurement-technology-selection decisions.  This release of the SolutionMap ranked 74 procurement technology solutions across S2P space based on their capabilities and customer feedback.

“SolutionMap is the great equalizer between buyers and sellers of procurement technology solutions,” says Spend Matters Founder Jason Busch. “It is the only rating methodology that is fully transparent, considers equal parts technology analyst and customer scoring (individually and separately), and allows business users to create a one-to-one map based on their requirements to what technology vendors can provide based on demonstrated generally available capability.”

“No two procurement organizations are the same, and often selecting the right sourcing provider doesn’t come down to technological capability alone,” said Busch. “That’s why SolutionMap rankings are based equally on demonstrated solution capability and input from real-life customers.”

MeRLIN has been ranked as a customer leader in the Sourcing SolutionMap across SME, Mid, Large and Direct Materials personas. For SXM and Contract Lifecycle Management, it has been ranked across the three market personas – SME, Mid and Large.

We consider this recognition as a recognition of our customer focus and vision of building sourcing solutions that best fulfill their need and provides value for money. We are grateful to all valued MeRLIN customers for their support, trust and loyalty which made this possible.

Visit Spend Matters SolutionMap to view the free ranking charts by procurement technology category and market persona for a more tailored benchmark view or to learn more about the methodology.

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About MeRLIN Sourcing

MeRLIN is a Strategic Sourcing Solution for Direct & Indirect Procurement that offers seamlessly integrated sourcing process automation with supplier relationship management and planning functions augmented by advanced analytics. It plays a key role in enhancing collaboration between buyers and suppliers offering an intuitive and easy to use platform. MeRLIN is modular, flexible, configurable, integrated and easy to deploy. It is developed on Microsoft technology platform and can be hosted either on-premise or on the cloud. It is the go-to solution for strategic sourcing needs of enterprise sourcing organizations.