Auction Management Software

Increase your Savings Opportunities using reverse auctions with MeRLIN's eAuction feature

Make the Best Value Purchases by Introducing Competition with Reverse eAuctions

Streamline and simplify your auction processes, save processing time and find the best value and best price by improving the competitiveness among suppliers with real-time online electronic auctions. MeRLIN reverse e auction software takes care of every aspect of electronic reverse auctions from creation and publication to negotiation and evaluation and helps you achieve the best results in a time-bound manner.

Improved Cost Savings

Introduce transparent competition between suppliers and achieve the best value for your purchases

Streamlined Processes

Streamline e auction processes by replacing manual processes, reducing both time and transaction costs

Faster Results

Improve supplier outreach and save time on negotiations with suppliers by combining technical evaluation and time-bound bidding


The Best Reverse Auction Software to Increase Savings & Improve Competition Among Suppliers

MeRLIN’s auction management system enables organizations to run real-time reverse bidding events, gives you all the features you need to have for gaining complete control over your reverse auctions and helps you drive best-value sourcing, always.


MeRLIN's Procurement Auction Management Software Features

eAuction Software Built for Sourcing Teams - Drive Cost Savings & User Adoption

Easy Set Up

Create and launch different types of e auctions both reverse as well as forward e auctions, easily using the intuitive interface. Meet procurement standards for each auction by specifying your requirements using configurable auction-specific evaluation questions.

Supplier Outreach

Supplier suggestions based on quality ratings, recent savings, recent sourcing amount or a combination of all these for adding suppliers to the auction makes it easy to add the most appropriate suppliers.

Auction Visibility Configuration

Control price visibility through auction set-up. Increase competitiveness by choosing to display best bid, real-time bid ranking positions, difference with competitors, etc. to suppliers participating in the auction.

Multi-Language Support

Launch auctions in language of your choice – MeRLIN supports multi-lingual auctions.


Be always audit-ready with detailed audit logs tracking every activity in the platform.

Real-time Monitoring and Analysis

The buyer auction dashboard with real time price updates and in-depth analysis allows you to stay on top of your eAuction process and make informed business decisions quickly.

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Optimierte Ausgabenkontrolle, mehr Transparenz und Effizienz mit eProcurement

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